iSmart GCP Program

We are run by capable and experienced data technology experts , with the aim of creating and delivering the best learning experience for all who strive for business growth and career aspirations using state-of-the-art data technologies.  

Transform your workforce and organization to meet the latest industry trends. Trained directly by data technology experts who provide relevant and sophisticated solutions to wide range of industries.

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Online Classes

Physical Classes

iSmart GCP Training

Live training interaction with our instructors via Instructor-led Training, with the flexibility to attend face-to-face training, or virtual training from the comfort of your home or office.

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iSmart GCP Examination

The GCP equips low-skilled employees with a wide range of modern hands-on experiences in industry to achieve a high-skilled status. It also covers certifications from Supervisors, Technicians, Executives, and Engineers up to Managerial level.

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