iSmart Digital Transformation Certification Program(DTCP)

The iSmart Digital Transformation Certification Program (DTCP) products are made up of 5 cloud-based applications that are fully integrated with Techcapital MyRO's cloud robotics applications for DTCP operations in factories.

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iSmart Level 1: Data Acquisition System

Our data acquisition system can be integrated with PLC and supports MQTT  protocol to allow seamless integration with the cloud.  

iSmart Level 2: Data Visualization System

Our data visualization system allows real-time monitoring of factory operations in both online and offline modes.  

iSmart Level 3: Data Formulation System (OEE)

Our data formulation system provides effortless insights into Overall Equipment Effectiveness for workstations. 

iSmart Level 4: Predictive Maintenance System (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)

Our predictive maintenance system prepares the maintenance team for any unforeseen failures and provides meaningful alerts to minimize breakdowns.  

iSmart Level 5: Digital Lean System

Our digital lean system helps to track and eliminate waste to improve efficiency.